Turning Pointe Senior Services

Programs for Florida Residents

TurningPointe Senior Services, LLC (TurningPointe) provides assistance to family members of individuals in need of ongoing health care. Established in 1999, TurningPointe has successfully secured Medicaid Benefits for hundreds of individuals in an Independent Living, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facility.  TurningPointe assists veterans or their widowed spouses in obtaining financial compensation through the Veterans Aid & Attendance program.  In addition, TurningPointe offers tailored Concierge Care Management Services to provide support and peace of mind for caregivers.

TurningPointe maintains professional relationships with a variety of healthcare providers throughout the community and can make appropriate referrals based upon specific long term care needs. We work with specialized legal and financial professionals to ensure that any restructuring of assets satisfies eligibility requirements for Medicaid or Veterans benefits.

Today’s uncertain healthcare environment reinforces the importance of advanced planning. Contact us today to discuss your long term care needs and the programs available to assist you in achieving your goals.